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Marcus Toole - Cree Indians (Canada)

Under the shadow of the mighty Canadian Rockies, just south of Edmonton, Alberta a centuries old group of Native Americans are clustered in four reserves (reservations). The Cree of the Montana, Louis Bull, Samson and Erminskin reserves share a common tongue and culture. Centuries old rituals honor nature and mix in fear of and obeisance to the devil. They live with one foot in the past and one foot in the present as their native culture competes with satellite TV and rock music for the hearts of the young.

Another voice was introduced into the mix with the arrival of Marcus Toole on the reserves. A church planter of the Western Canada Presbytery and a missionary with Mission to the World (MTW), the mission arm of the PCA, Marcus is located in Hobbema, a town strategically near the reserves. The church that he planted is called Jesus Church and was just given official status as a mission church of the PCA.

Marcus was a member of Providence when he was in seminary at Covenant.  

Go here to see a fascinating video describing Marcus's mission to the Cree indians.