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Two Old but Formative Lectures on Mercersburg Theology

I just digitized these for the MO presbytery committee, so I thought you guys would like to hear them.  The reason I sent them was to show that I have been interested in sacramental theology for many years.  My interest in Baptism and the Lord's Supper in Reformed theology goes back over 20 years, before there was anything like a "Federal Vision."  These lectures were delivered in August, 1992.  

Mercersburg Theology, Lecture #1, Part 1: A Quest for Reformed Catholicism (mp3)

     Lecture #1 Outline (pdf)

Mercersburg Theology, Lecture #1, Part 2: Theological Contours (mp3)

     Lecture #1 Outline (pdf)

Mercersburg Theology, Lecture #2: The Sacramental Theology & Practice (mp3)

     Lecture #2 Outline (pdf)


Four Lectures on James

Here are four lectures on the entire book of James.  They were delivered in Somersworth, NH, at Tri-City Covenant Church's annual Bible Conference in February 2010.  These lectures represent my most "mature" reflections on the book of James.  

Lecture #1 - James 1

Lecture #2 - James 2

Lecture #3 - James 3-4

Lecture #4 - James 5


CVCRT Lectures (2002)

This morning I found mp3 files of some old lectures I did at the Connecticut Valley Conference on Reformed Theology.  The first two lectures were given in 1997.  The theme of that conference was "Why the Trinity Matters."

The Trinitarian Shape of Christian Ministry: Does God do All Things for his Own Glory?

The Trinity & The Church: Lex Ordandi, Lex Credendi

In 2002 I also gave four lectures at the CVCRT.  The theme that year was "The Covenant."  I could only locate my first three lectures.  The lecture on the Lord's Supper seems to be lost.

Christian Ministry After the Death of God

The Origin and Ground of the Covenant - The Trinity

Ritual & Covenant: Part 1 - Baptism.


Practical Lectures on Reforming Liturgy

These are lectures I did in January 2008 at the Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference on Liturgy & Life.  The two lectures deal with implementing liturgical change in a congregation.  

Implementing Liturgical Change in Your Congregation - Lecture 1

Implementing Liturgical Change in Your Congregatiion - Lecture 2

Let me know if you have any questions are concerns.


AAPC Lectures on The Necessity of the Reformation

Because I applied for and received a special dispensation from the Pope, and after checking my account in the treasury of merits to discover that my balance was not only in the black but full to overflowing, I am able to offer you my lectures at the 2010 Auburn Avenue Pastors Conference free of charge.  A click on any of the links below and you will be able ex opera operato to download the file directly to your computer.

Lecture #1 - All Idols underfoot be Trod: The Liturgical Reformation in the 16th Century and Today

Lecture #2 - Sola Scripture Applied to the Cult of Mary and to Papal Pretensions

Lecture #3 - On the Significance of Martin's Name Change

The other speakers have not had enough masses said for their souls so as to free them to perform this extraordinary work of charity.  You'll have to go to the official AAPC mp3 site and purchase their lectures.