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Please check out Providence's VBS website:https://sites.google.com/site/prpcvacationbibleschool/. This website provides all the details you will need for VBS this year!

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Procedures for Nursery Volunteers

1. Volunteers should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the service (8:45am) to ensure that parents may drop off their children safely and in a timely fashion.

2. Greet people warmly as they bring their children to the nursery and identify yourself by name. Ask parents to sign their children in on the sign-in sheet. Make sure allergies or any special instructions are listed. Put name tag on back of child. Make sure each child’s diaper bag is clearly tagged. Normally, ages newborn to 15 months are in the infant nursery and ages 15 months to 3 years are in the toddler nursery.

3. Two adult volunteers (age 18 or older) must be present at all times. Parent/older teenager team are okay. If a situation ever arises in which a volunteer finds himself or herself serving alone, alert a deacon or nursery coordinator immediately to find another volunteer.

4. Be sure to check diapers periodically. Parents should supply diapers and wipes with their child. If not, the nursery is stocked with both. Please put soiled diapers in the plastic bags located near the changing station. Tie the bag then put the plastic bag in the trash can.

5. If a child cries excessively or is inconsolable, it may be necessary to ask one of the child’s parents to remove him or her from the nursery for the sake of the other children. Attempt to contact a deacon to notify the parents, so that the both volunteers can remain with the children. If child was injured, even if not serious, inform the parents.

6. Under normal circumstances, only a child’s parents may drop off and pickup a child from the nursery. Nursery workers should release children only to their parents, not to older siblings, relatives, or anyone else unless explicitly authorized to do so by the parents (written on the sign in sheet). Parents put initials on the sign in sheet when they pick up their child.

7. Goldfish crackers are in toddler nursery, Cheerios in the infant nursery. Ask parents if their child can eat these snacks. If you aren’t sure, do not feed any of the children. (Distract them with toys, books, singing, etc.) Parents should put their child’s name on Sippy cups so the cup stays with the proper child. Use Dixie cups to scoop/pour snacks to keep snacks sanitary.

8. Volunteers need to stay in the nursery the entire time in case a parent needs to drop off a child mid-service. For example, some parents drop off children just before the sermon.

9. After your nursery session is complete, wipe toys with disinfectant wipes and put them in the appropriate places. List any supplies that need restocking in the binder or on the clipboard.

10. Finding a substitute is your responsibility. If you need to switch your nursery duty, please look on the schedule, call that person, and then inform the nursery coordinator of the change so the postcard will be sent to the correct person. Contact the nursery coordinator if you cannot find a substitute. The nursery schedule is posted by each nursery room.

11. If you need to cancel last minute, contact the nursery coordinator ASAP.

Reminder: If your child is sick or possibly sick, do not place them in the nursery.

Thank you for serving our little ones!