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The Galts New Home & Church Plant

While visiting New York City for our 30th anniversary my wife and I were able to get over and see the Galts and the Steadmans one afternoon and evening. Jamison has moved into the neighborhood where he will be planting the new church. And Brian Steadman will be taking over Jamison's duties at Park Slope Presbyterian Church.

Their new home and the church plant will be located in the Clinton Hill/Washington neighborhood of Brooklyn. Here are a few pictures of their new home and neighborhood.

Here are few of the Clinton Hill/Washington neighborhood:


 Their new place has a backyard (with grass) for the kids!

You can see updates on the Galt's church plant here.  


"Creator Spirit" Sermon Correction

This past Sunday (May 31st) in the second message in my series on Genesis I talked about the Spirit as the divine agent of beautification/glorification in the world.  At the end I also said that humanity is empowered by the Spirit to carry forward God's program for the glorification of the cosmos.  In explaining that there is an aesthetic dimension to our vocations I lamented the rise of "vocational training" as a substitute for "liberal arts" education.  I also criticized the modern American rhetoric that reduces the purpose of education to "getting a job."  I realized afterwards that what I said might have been misunderstood to imply that some vocations are inferior to others.  What I intended to say is that all vocations contribute toward the glorification of the world.  We don't work merely to "make money" or because everybody "needs a job."  Whatever we do contributes toward humanity's ongoing beautification project.  Each one does their part to bring form, order, and light to the world as well as to fill the world with new things.  God worked this way in the creation week through his Word and Spirit; now we also under the Lordship of the Son and empowered by the Spirit are the authorized agents of transformation in the world.


Shaw Nature Preserve

One of the great things about my "job" as pastor is I get to think of ways to spend time with parishioners and seminary students.  Everybody is different and enjoys some dimensions of God's creation more than others.  Me, I love to capture images of God's world. It's always a delight to find someone in the congregation who shares that passion.

On Wednesday Weisan Hui and I took short trip late in the afternoon to Shaw Nature Reserve to see what kind of images we could capture.  We didnt' get all that many photos, but we did have a great time of fellowship and discussion.  I've included a few of my images.  I you click on them you can see the dozen or so more at my Smugmug site.



My Home Study

It's Friday afternoon and I have a few minutes to play around.  Let's see if I can get this to work.  It's a Quicktime VR movie of my office.  Here goes.

Use your mouse to move around left and right a full 360 degrees.  Give it a moment to load.  Also, hold the shift key down to zoom in and the control key to zoom out. Cool, huh?  I'd like to get one of these for the inside of the sanctuary and post it in the worship page.  We'll see.


Seminary Student Retreat 2009

We just got back yesterday from our annual two-day PRPC seminary student retreat.  We go out to the Keane family's "Dominon Acres" for Sunday and Monday.  It's mostly just a time to hang out and get to know each other better.  We do some shooting, cooking, eating, frisbee golf, paintball, and more.

You can view images from the retreat here.  I had a bit more freedom to take pictures while we were shooting, so I didn't get capture many other images after that.