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Sunday Evening Cookouts - 2012

We have resumed our totally awesome, super-fun, full-of-fellowship summer cookouts after the evening service.  

Remember, the evening service will start an hour earlier, at 5:00 PM, to give us more time to enjoy ourselves afterwards.  This is a great opportunity to spend some time getting to know others in our congregation.  It's almost impossible not to have a great time at these cookouts.  Just listen to a couple of testimonials:  

"The cookouts are so great.  I had such a great time fellowshiping with folks from our congregation. " - John Keane  

"Those cookouts are so awesome.  I wish we had them all year round."  - Tim Weston  

"The cookouts are great for ladies too.  We enjoy having time to fellowship with one another." - Lori Shaffer  

"As a child I can certainly attest to the prodigious level of interpersonal connections which the children have an opportunity to experience at these cookouts.  Plus we get to run our crazy heads off!"   - Jacob Carter  

This is just a small slice of all the good things everyone has to say about what an awesome time these cookouts can be.  So please do consider coming out on Sunday nights, even if you are not a regular evening service attender.  There will be opportunities for children and adults to play games, and in general, this is a great opportunity for us to build community as a church.   Come, join us!  

Just a few logistical matters:   Please bring everything you and your family will need for supper.  Assume that you are going on a picnic by yourselves (only as far as provisions go).  Plus, it would be cool if you are able to bring a little more food for any visitors who might drop by.   In general, the kids eat hot dogs.  Therefore, the hot dogs go on first.  If you bring hot dogs they will get thrown into the hot dog pool and will be ravenously devoured by the little ones.  So don't expect to have your special kosher hot dogs reserved for you, unless you make a special request of the grillmeister, and then you should expect to have to wait awhile to get your grub.  If you bring brats and or burgers, that's awesome, but it will take a little longer because we want to get the kids fed first.  

The church will provide paper plates mustard and ketchup, plus the fire for grilling.  Everything else (cups, utensils, napkins, chairs, blankets etc.) should  be provided by yourself.  Our goal is to neither put a strain on the diaconate nor those who clean our church and keep our kitchen stocked.  We want these cookouts to be self-contained.  To this end, we will insist that no one plays or hangs out inside the church while we are outside having our totally awesome hangout time.  Let's make sure everyone is outside enjoying the fun!

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