Upcoming Events

Please check out Providence's VBS website:https://sites.google.com/site/prpcvacationbibleschool/. This website provides all the details you will need for VBS this year!

See the Church Calendar for more information on any events.



Summer Time Change

As we do every year, the Sunday school will be suspended for the summer months (June-August).  But this year we are also changing the time of our morning worship service.  Starting Sunday, June 3rd, the morning service will start at 10 AM.  This will be for the summer only.  The evening services, when they are held in the summer, will be at 5 PM.


Bible Reading Program for 2012

This week we begin our new Bible reading program for 2012.  It is an expedited through-the-Bible-in-a-year reading program.  Every week there will readings for Monday through Friday from the book or books of the Bible that we will cover in our adult Sunday school class on the following Sunday. This program is designed to guard against the kind of frustration that usually comes quickly with most yearly Bible reading programs.  The readings are not too long. You will not read the entire Bible word for word, but only key portions of each book.  You can read more if you want.  Or you can even read less.  But if you read some portion of what is assigned and come to class the following Sunday, you will get a good overview of the entire Bible.

You can download the reading program here.

We will be posting the audio and any charts and outlines from the Sunday school classes here.


Advent Readings for 2011

Here are the daily readings for the season of Advent.

Monday, Nov. 28

        Isaiah 1:1-28

        1 Peter 1:1-12

        Psalm 24

Tuesday, Nov. 29

       Isaiah 2:1-22

       1 Peter 1:13-25

       Psalm 122

Wednesday, Nov. 30

       Isaiah 5:1-25

       1 Peter 2:1-12

       Psalm 33

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A Special Vespers Service of Prayer & Praise

On Sunday evening, December 4, at 6:00 PM, we will have a special evening worship service to celebrate Bill Hoover's 25 years of service as our organist and 20 years as our Director of Music. Our daughter churches, Cornerstone and Resurrection, are invited to join us that evening, including participating in the choir. Please bring a platter of appetizers to share at the reception.  Down load the service here.


Special Guest Speaker - Sunday Evening, August 7

This Sunday evening (Aug 7) we will have a special guest speaker.  Dr. Roy Atwood from New St. Andrews College will be with us for the evening service and the cookout afterwards.  Roy has some great insights on Christian education, especially higher education.  He will be speaking on "The Biblical Perspective on College for Christians."  His talk will be designed to help Christian parents make wise, godly decisions with their children about college.

Please fee free to invite others who may be interested.  The service begins at 5 PM and is followed immediately by a cookout on the church parking lot & grounds.